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Workplace Violence – Emergency Dept. Hit Hardest

October 17, 2016

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Let’s be careful out there…
Workplace violence is prevalent in healthcare.  Violent crimes occurred at a rate of 2.8/100 beds in 2015, and that number is on the rise.  Almost half of these events, namely assaults, happened in the ED.  Female nursing staff and psychiatric assistants were the most common victims of assault.  Leadership can help by encouraging reporting, instituting violence prevention measures, and training.  Sometimes changing the environment by increased staffing, ease of entry/exit, and changing the set up of the physical plant may help.

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We work in a potentially dangerous environment.  Reporting of violent incidents is key.  If you are a victim, report it.  If you are in leadership, listen, act, plan, and train.

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This app gives full text.


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