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Saturday Email – Share Your Discoveries

April 2, 2018

We Need Your Help

Please use the comments at the bottom of this post to tell us what content you want to see in the Saturday emails.

What kind of content?

  • Great #FOAMed you’ve discovered
  • Great educational videos
  • Great #FOAMed that is not well known…yet
  • An epic post you’ve written that you want the JF community to see
  • Inspiring stories in EM
  • New technology relevant to EM
  • Posts about unsung heroes in EM, nursing, EMS, etc
  • EM people making a difference for good
  • Great writing in mainstream media with relevance to EM or medicine – NPR, NYT, WSJ, The Atlantic, etc
  • Any online content you think would help your fellow EM colleagues and the JF community

What should I Include?

  • Please include a link to the post and 1-2 sentence description of the content and why you think it should be shared in the Saturday email.
  • Just copy the URL into the comment box.
  • Please include your name so we can give you credit (optional).
  • Don’t have a link or website but want to share something you’ve written, photographed, or videoed?  No problem.  Just send us a note on the contact page.

Use Social Media

  • If you prefer, just reply on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Share with friends on SoMe as well so more people can comment.

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