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A New TASER Model is Out There – What You Need to Know

March 1, 2023

Written by Aaron Lacy

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Conducting energy devices (CEDs, i.e., TASER) are used to bridge the gap between interpersonal (punching, batons, spray) and firearm techniques when deescalating violent or serious situations by law enforcement. This article covers general considerations of CEDs and specific need to know info on the newest TASER model to hit the streets.

Why does this matter?
Patients shocked by CEDs often do not require further medical workup. However, despite best intentions and generally being safe, CEDs can cause harm requiring medical attention. Let’s review CEDs consideration and an important update on why you need to know about the newest TASER model.

The new TASER model is stunning
CEDs administer an electrical charge through direct contact from the front end of the weapon or via two electrically tethered projectiles. This can lead to localized pain, burns, or trauma from muscle incapacitation falls. Problems can arise secondary to the penetrating effects of CED projectiles particularly if they embed in the eyes, head, or neck. One must consider possible medical, toxicological, or psychiatric conditions that preceded CED use.

TASER is the most common brand of CED, and a new model, the TASER 7, was released in 2018 and is integrating into law enforcement agencies. Key knowledge is unlike prior TASER models the penetrating probes cannot be removed through simple pulling. The TASER 7 is a two-part system that fires its projectile at a much higher velocity leading to deeper skin penetration of the barb. Barbs must be removed with a specific probe removal tool to prevent further tissue damage or loss of the probe in the muscle tissue. The probe removal tool is used by law enforcement to carry extra TASER 7 ammunition and should be available by request, but you must know to ask.  

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