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Can I register for a membership with the same email I currently use to get JournalFeed?

Yes, you can. Once you register, it will automatically update your existing Mailchimp account corresponding to your subscription level. Silver and Gold Spoon get full JournalFeed posts by email. Important: If you use the same email to register and currently only receive Pediatric, Critical Care, or weekend-only emails, this will remain the same. You will need to open a prior JournalFeed email and click “update your preferences” (see Figure 1) if you want to change groups (i.e. Pediatric, Critical Care, or Saturday only) and get daily emails (Figure 2).

Figure 1: At the bottom of your JournalFeed emails, you can update your email preferences.

Figure 2: This is the Mailchimp “Update your preferences” form. If you want daily emails, just don’t select a group as above.