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What if I want to unsubscribe from JournalFeed emails?

You can unsubscribe at any time. But remember, getting the posts sent to you by email is one of the perks of membership. Just open any JournalFeed email, scroll to the bottom, and click “unsubscribe from this list” and you will immediately be removed from the email list. If you want to rejoin the email list, we can’t re-subscribe you manually, but you can do so at this link. As long as you re-subscribe with the same email you used previously, you will rejoin with the same access privileges as before (full posts by email if Silver or Gold Spoon). Don’t unsubscribe unless that’s what you really want to do. You can update your email preferences as an alternative to unsubscribing. Important: This does not unsubscribe you from system-generated emails from JournalFeed.org about your account, such as card expiration, payment receipt, or subscription changes.

Screenshot of JournalFeed email footer with unsubscribe and update preferences links