Our Purpose

What is the objective of the Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens?

At Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens, we provide excellent healthcare in a caring, convenient manner that is focused at all times on you and your health.

Threefold Objective


Excellent Healthcare

Excellent - outstandingunusually good.  In our healthcare context, this component incorporates medical, operational, interpersonal, financial, and professional excellence that distinguishes us from our peers and competitors.  This is the reason patients will come back.  This is the reason someone will mention us on social media.  This is also the reason someone will tell their friends and family about us.


Healthcare is different than other industries.  People go to Disney on a bright day when they're feeling good.  People come to a retail clinic when they're sick. And often, they are not at their best emotionally. Every patient has a story. Every patient, just like us, is fighting a battle of some kind.  They deserve an extra measure of kindness and grace.
To be gracious is to be generously kind to someone, even if they may not reciprocate.


Patients come to retail clinics because they are usually located near their home, parking is readily available, and they want to be seen quickly and efficiently.  Because of this expectation, all our operational efforts must focus on simplicity and speed: check-in, registration, clinician visit, wrap-up, checkout, and prescription pickup, when needed.

Three in One

All three aspects must be present to create a satisfying patient experience.


Convenience without caring

Imagine a very convenient clinic but one in which you felt like you were being herded through.  No one makes eye contact.  No one says hello.  Staff and clinicians are rude but very efficient, practicing evidence-based care. Patients will not be loyal to a clinic like this.

Caring without competence

Next, imagine a scenario with very convenient service, caring and warm staff and clinician, but the medical care is behind the times, simply wrong, or sloppily delivered.  This too may make a patient feel cared for but won't help them.  Worse, they will suffer as their underlying illness is not addressed.

Competence without convenience

Finally, imagine a scenario with top-notch clinicians, caring, attentive, and genuinely compassionate staff, but the wait was 3 hours.  No matter how competent they are or how welcoming, the patient simply won't and can't wait that long for retail care.

A Different Scenario

Here I will tell the story as it should be...but I am out of time and don't want to forget to add this.

Our Purpose


The Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens exists to provide convenient, caring, exceptional service for patients with low-acuity health issues.

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