JournalFeed Group Rates

Want a group subscription? From as few as 5 friends, to large physician groups, to entire organizations – we have you covered!

Need access for a residency program, with a mix of residents, faculty (PDs, APDs) or others? Contact us for special rates.

Group Rates:

  • 5-10: 10% off
  • 11-25: 15% off
  • 26-50: 20% off
  • 51-100: 25% off
  • 101- 200: 30% off
  • Enterprise (>200): Let’s talk

How to Sign Up a Group

The first step for any size group is to Contact Us. Each group subscription is customized just for you and the number of people on your team. JournalFeed will setup your group and send you a custom link to register and pay. We will name your group anything you want (within reason), preferably something cheeky (or not…you can just call it “Bob’s EM Group”).

One person is the primary account holder who registers and pays for the entire group. The account holder can add group members in three ways: 1) Send each of them a custom link so they can join the group; 2) Add group members one by one or batch upload them (using a CSV file); 3) JournalFeed can help batch upload your group members for you.

Each group, large or small, gets personalized attention. We will walk you through each step to make sure you get everything set up.

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