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Where Are We Currently?

Death in Childbirth: 1 in 285

Compare to the U.S.: 1 in 4700.

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Only 25% of births in rural Haiti take place in a health facility.

Simply giving birth in a place with skilled healthcare workers and basic medical equipment drastically reduces mortality.

The problem is, most moms can’t afford $200 for basic prenatal care and delivery in a healthcare facility.


Death in Childhood: 1 in 14

Compare to the U.S.: 1 in 167 die before age 5.

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Vitamins - Infants lack basic nutrition

Immunizations - core, life-saving vaccines are needed

Danger signs - moms don’t recognize signs of serious illness

Exclusive breastfeeding - instead of breastmilk only, infants are given impure water

Omphalitis prevention - basic umbilical cord care is lacking

What Can We Do?

Our Goals

  • Zero maternal deaths

  • 90% of deliveries in a healthcare facility

  • Cut infant mortality 75%

  • Cut ≤ age 5 mortality 75%


What Does This Mean?

Over the Next 10 Years:


500 Children

  • Nutrition

  • Vitamins

  • Vaccines

  • Growth

  • Care

  • Touched for Christ

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500 Mothers

  • Prenatal Care

  • Safe Hospital Delivery

  • Personal Care

  • One-on-one care

  • Loved

  • Touched for Christ


27 Lives

  • Two moms won’t leave behind more orphans.

  • Twenty five children will live, grow, and thrive.

  • Twenty seven funerals won’t happen.

  • Twenty seven people have the chance to know Jesus.

  • Twenty seven people live to impact Haiti for Christ.

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How Does It Work?

Partnership in the Gospel

  • Disciples’ Village partners with 5 villages, with a total of about 2000 people: Dahl, Trouforban, Vielo, Barboncourt, and a community within Montrouis.

  • We plan to sponsor expectant mothers in each village.

  • Based on the birth rate in Haiti, 23.7/1000 people, we estimate the need to support 50 moms and their babies through age 5.

  • DV has hired 2 nurses to administer this effort.

  • They will touch the lives of the mothers and children by providing healthcare but also with the love of Christ.


Trained Nurses:

  • Identify pregnant women in the five DV villages

  • Determine due date based on date of last menstrual period

  • Start prenatal vitamins

  • Schedule prenatal care (PNC) with local facility

  • Arrange transportation to PNC appointments

  • Develop transportation plan near time of delivery

  • Delivery at local health facility with C-section capability

  • Newborn care education/ breastfeeding education/assistance

  • Family planning/ sexually transmitted infection education

  • Infant vaccinations/ Infant/child follow up

  • Track each mother and infant in electronic health record

  • Report on maternal and infant outcomes for DV villages

How Can I Help?

Sponsor a Mother and Child


Together, we can reduce maternal and child mortality in five rural Haitian villages, save the lives of 27 mothers and their children, and touch the lives of 500 mothers and children with the gospel of Christ over the next ten years.

Cost per mother/child pair is only $600 total for five years of follow-up and includes:

  • All prenatal care and delivery in a healthcare facility

  • Maternal and newborn care education

  • Follow up with moms and babies to help with nutrition, clean water, vitamins, antiparasitic treatment, and watching for signs of acute illness


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