Journal Feed | Week 36 Pop Quiz

Think How Much You're Learning!

You've been spoon-fed some great stuff this week.  But do you remember anything about what you read?  Test yourself to see what you remember from the 5 articles we covered this week.

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After the quiz, click the Answers button below to see the correct answers, a brief explanation, and link back to the original posts.


Monday - For patients with acute intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH), intensive lowering of systolic blood pressure (SBP) with goal <140 mmHg was associated with increased cerebral ischemia and neurologic deterioration compared to goal SBP <160 mmHg. Cerebral ischemia and worse neurologic outcomes were particularly associated with allowing SBP to drop below 120 mmHg.    Go to post

Tuesday - Incidence of intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) on CT following minor head trauma in anticoagulated patients was 9%, which means we have to CT all these people.  Go to post

Wednesday - Scribes increased physician productivity in this single center low-acuity pediatric ED before and after study.  Go to post

Thursday - The higher cost, lower yield tests to consider avoiding for patients ≥60 with syncope were: EEG, head CT, MRA, cardiac stress test, and EP study.  Go to post

Friday - Lumbar elevation resulted in the greatest increase in subclavian vein (SCV) and internal jugular (IJ) vein diameter on ultrasound in healthy volunteers.  Go to post

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