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Thanks for your review! I can’t believe how good it is. I’ve finished 2 LLSAs this AM. Great job. I love your personal notes.
— Dr. Timmy Sullivan - Bozeman, MT

The Quickest, Best ABEM LLSA Test Prep

  • The ABEM LLSA articles are concisely summarized in these eBooks.

  • This is the quickest, best LLSA prep available.

  • All the LLSA 2015 articles, LLSA 2016 articles, LLSA 2017 articles, and LLSA 2018 articles are rigorously reviewed, with test-relevant points emphasized.

  • Feel good about your purchase, knowing it supports the mission of JournalFeed. 

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  • Simplicity - All the ABEM LLSA prep information is packaged in a single, easy-to-read eBook.

  • Convenience - Instantly download the eBook as a PDF file as soon as you purchase. No wait. No travel. Study in your pajamas!

  • Relevance - The Key Points are highlighted in a big text box at the beginning of each summary.

  • Speed - The LLSA Quick Study Guides are the most concise way to learn and prep for the ABEM LLSA test. Each is about 40-50 pages.

  • Authority - Actual quotes from the LLSA articles that you need to know are throughout each summary. You're getting the best information from the literature. Each article is rigorously but briefly reviewed.

  • Ease - Other reviews have hours of video or hundreds of pages on top of a dozen articles. Your LLSA prep shouldn't add to your workload. These Guides actually make ABEM MOC easier.

  • Clinical Excellence - Practice-changing pearls are highlighted. Believe it or not, some of these articles are actually good. Get key take home points for your next shift.

  • Affordability - Compare this to other LLSA guides and save money. More importantly, you save spending an entire day on this. Purchase. Pass. Move on with your life.

  • Engagement - Read carefully and you'll find real-life advice entertainingly delivered to keep your mind active.

  • Guaranteed Results - If you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund for up to 60 days. You keep the eBook content.

  • ABEM "Approval" - To be very clear, ABEM does not endorse any LLSA review program, including this. But I spoke with them and sent them this material prior to launch to make sure this format was acceptable. They enthusiastically said anything that gets Emergency Physicians engaged with the articles is a win for them.

  • Try it - Try the sample (the full text of the 2014 Guide) or purchase risk free.

I used your 2012/2013 guides just before I deployed last year and found them to be the most concise, useful material out there, and your price is unbeatable.
— Dr. Dan Trueba - Oceanside, CA

The LLSA Quick Study Guides are digital and available for immediate download in PDF format.
Physical copies are not available.


The LLSA 2018 Quick Study Guide helps you master the content and pass the LLSA Exam fast, only 46 pages in length.

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