Wish you had the ABEM LLSA CliffsNotes?

Well, now you do!

The LLSA Quick Study Guides are PDF eBooks, each about 35-45 pages long, that cover all the LLSA articles. Just click the button to download each PDF study guide.

The LLSA Quick Study Guides are not physical books. They are digital PDF files available for immediate download for Gold Spoon members.

Please be aware, ABEM is phasing out LLSA and moving toward a 5-year certification using MyEMCert. The last LLSA test is 2021.

Learn more about MyEMCert.

Gold Spoon Access | LLSA Quick Study Guides


All current ABEM certification scenarios require a maximum of only 4 LLSA tests.


ABEM is phasing out LLSA in preference to the new MyEMCert process. Find out your requirements on this ABEM page. For details from ABEM on MyEMCert, see this page. For those in the midst of this transition, some need to complete LLSA and MyEMCert.

To save Gold Spoon members time, we have downloaded all the module descriptions, sample questions, teaching points, and presentation scenarios into this single folder. These are publicly available on the ABEM site but conveniently available here all in one place (downloaded November 2022). These download as a .zip file. Just click it, and it will open as a folder in your downloads.

Click to download this .zip file containing 26 PDF files.

LLSA Original Article Links

Full text links are included where available. Due to copyright, provision of full text articles is at the discretion of the publisher.

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