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Over 100 new articles are published every day in only 31 EM-relevant journals.
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How to get the most out of JournalFeed

  1.  Skim all the articles for each month in brief. Click here for All Articles.
  2.  Sign up for the daily email.  Get a concise, detailed summary of one key article each weekday. Now you've seen the articles twice.
  3.  By signing up, you get the Saturday Summary that reviews the take-home points of each article plus a Landmark Article.  Now you've seen them 3 times and all in under 5 minutes a week.  Spaced repetition improves long term memory.  JournalFeed makes that easy.
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Step 1

Look at the ultra-brief summaries of all the upcoming articles each month.  This will give you an initial exposure to the main point of each article.  This comes out sometime during the first week of each month.  Click here to see All Articles.


Step 2

Spaced repetition is key to learning.  Step 2 is to sign up for the daily email.  A concise summary of an important article is posted each weekday.  This article summary reviews the main point you've already seen in step one and goes into more depth.  Or you can read the Daily Article post.  See this great post on spaced repetition.

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Step 3

By signing up on the email list, you will get a Saturday Summary to review the gist of the articles covered the previous week and read one Landmark Article from the past!  This puts the take-home point of the most important articles in front of your eyes 3 times and only takes about 2 minutes.