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Why JournalFeed?

JournalFeed helps smart people stay smart!  Because medicine moves so fast, it can be hard to keep up.  We search the literature for you, expertly summarize one key medical article a day, and send it to you by email every weekday and by audio every weekend. It’s the best way to keep up with emergency medicine literature!

How does JournalFeed work?

We search thousands of abstracts each month, handpick the most important full-text articles, and write a summary with the bottom line, context, importance, key findings, and how it will change your practice. Summaries are delivered to your email every weekday at 5:00AM central time. You don’t have to go after the information. It flows to you. You learn over 250 emergency medicine articles a year. Like podcasts? Our audio version covers all 5 articles each weekend. Our digital ebook compiles the best of the best landmark articles in one place. Gold Spoon members can claim up to 36 CME credits per year and have accees to select LLSA Quick Study Guides.

Why do you charge for a subscription? What happened to FOAMed?

JournalFeed is free for students, residents, and anyone who cannot afford it. However, producing JournalFeed isn’t cheap. A great education means lots of hardworking people, expensive technology, administrative support, and lots of time. To make JournalFeed sustainable, we need to charge a small fee. We hope you’ll find it’s worth it. And don’t you worry, FOAMed is alive and well!

Does JournalFeed store or process my credit card information?

No, we do not. Credit card information is processed by Stripe via encrypted connection and is not stored or handled by JournalFeed. Stripe has the highest security standards. JournalFeed saves the last 4 numbers of the card and expiration date when you sign up so you have proof of payment on your invoice (for CME fund reimbursement) and to send a reminder when your card nears expiration.

What if I can’t afford JournalFeed?

We care about people, and we care for patients first and foremost. We will never let patient care suffer for lack of resources. If you need access to JournalFeed to care for your patients and for any reason are not able to afford it, contact us immediately. We would be overjoyed to provide you an all-access pass for whatever you can afford – even if that means for free! Please reach out.

Is the JournalFeed site secure?

Yes! JournalFeed ensures fully encrypted communication between your web browser and the server. Credit card info is stored and processed offsite by Stripe.


What are the JournalFeed membership levels?

  • Wooden Spoon – If you don’t select a membership or your membership expires, this is the entry level. It’s the free email list, with excerpts but not full summaries. No blog access, landmark eBook, CME, or LLSA guides.
  • Bronze Spoon – Free for students and residents only. Full blog access, emails with excerpts only, no landmark eBook, no CME or LLSA guides.
  • Silver Spoon – Full blog access, full summaries by email, landmark articles eBook access, no CME or LLSA guides.
  • Gold Spoon – All Silver Spoon features plus CME credit, Amal Mattu and JournalFeed Top Picks videos (plus even more CME credit!), and select LLSA study guides.

How do I get a JournalFeed membership subscription?

Just go to our Pricing page, pick your membership level, register, and get the Spoon Feed! Subscriptions auto-renew annually. You will be notified before renewal and have the opportunity to cancel.

What if I want to upgrade from one membership level to the next?

It’s simple! Just go to your Account Page -> Subscriptions -> Change Plan. Select the upgrade you desire. For security, you will enter (or re-enter if upgrading from Silver to Gold) your credit card information, and you will be immediately upgraded to the next level on a prorated basis.

Is there a discount for students or residents?

Yes, there is! If you are a student or resident, you can get JournalFeed Bronze Spoon level for free just by registering with your email. We verify student/resident status. Bronze Spoon level does not deliver the full summaries by email but gives you full blog access. Or you can get a steep discount on the Silver or Gold Spoon level by using the coupon code on the membership registration page. Again, we verify student/resident status.

What if I want to downgrade my membership?

No problem. Go to your Account Page -> Subscriptions -> Change Plan. If you’re at Gold Spoon level, just select the Silver Spoon level, and it will downgrade your subscription on a prorated basis. You will lose access to CME credit and LLSA guides. If the proration calculations are off, please contact us and we will make it right. Don’t accidentally downgrade to one of the free levels or it will cancel your paid subscription and you will lose access. If this happens, just contact us, and we will be glad to help.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

No problem. You can cancel your subscription anytime via your Account Page -> Subscriptions -> Cancel. You will still have access for the full year’s subscription you purchased, but it will not renew on the one-year anniversary.  If you want to cancel and get a refund, see the next FAQ.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with JournalFeed within 60 days of purchase, you may get a full refund. This will both cancel your subscription and remove access to membership portions of JournalFeed. Contact us for refund requests.

Can I get an invoice to prove payment?

You should receive one by email at the time of purchase. If not, go to your Account page -> Payments -> Download PDF.

How do I update my credit card information?

It’s easy. Just go to your Account Page -> Subscriptions -> Update.

Can I register for a membership with the same email I currently use to get JournalFeed?

Yes, you can. Once you register, it will automatically update your existing Mailchimp account corresponding to your subscription level. Silver and Gold Spoon get full JournalFeed posts by email. Important: If you use the same email to register and currently only receive Pediatric, Critical Care, or weekend-only emails, this will remain the same. You will need to open a prior JournalFeed email and click “update your preferences” (see Figure 1) if you want to change groups (i.e. Pediatric, Critical Care, or Saturday only) and get daily emails (Figure 2)

Figure 1: At the bottom of your JournalFeed emails, you can update your email preferences.

Figure 2: This is the Mailchimp “Update your preferences” form. If you want daily emails, just don’t select a group as above.

Will I get the full JournalFeed summary by email with the Silver or Gold Spoon membership?

Yes! Silver and Gold Spoon subscriptions offer not only full, unlimited access to the blog but also delivery of each new post in full by email, complete with links to the source article in PubMed and other resources. This saves you time. You don’t go after the information. The information comes to you every morning at 5:00AM central time. This is what we mean by Spoon Feeding. It looks like this.

Full JournalFeed post is sent by email, with link to original source article in PubMed.

Will I still get the daily JournalFeed emails if I don’t become a member?

Yes, you will continue to get the benefit of a curated, hand-picked selection of the best emergency medicine articles and excerpts by email, but not full JournalFeed posts and limited blog and podcast access. Emails will look like this.

How do I update my name, email, or password?

Depending on what you need, there could be two steps.

Step 1: To change the email address where you get your daily Spoon Feed emails, go into any email and click “update your preferences” at the bottom. See screenshot below.


Step 2: If you want to change the email associated with your JournalFeed account, your name, or your JournalFeed login password, go to your Account Page -> Home.

I registered but forgot my password. What do I do?

Go to the Log In page and click Forgot Password to reset it.


Does JournalFeed have a podcast?

Do we ever! We have a free podcast that gives you audio for 1-2 articles a week. And Silver or Gold Spoon subscribers have access to a private podcast feed with audio for all five articles a week. Get the Spoon Feed through your earbuds!

How do I set up the private podcast?

Silver and Gold Spoon members have access to the private JournalFeed podcast, with all 5 articles covered each weekend. The public podcast covers only 1-2 key articles a week. Note: The email with your private podcast link will come from Captivate, not JournalFeed, and will send your custom link within 1-2 business days after you sign up. Once you get the custom link, just follow the directions below to set up your favorite podcasting app.

Add to Apple Podcasts (on iPhone – iOS)

  • In the icons list at the bottom of your display, click Library.
  • Click the three dots … at the top right.
  • Click Follow a Show by URL…
  • Paste your unique URL into the box.
  • Click Follow.

Add to Apple Podcasts (on Mac desktop and iTunes on PC)

  • Click File on the Apple Podcasts menu.
  • Click Add Show by URL.
  • Paste your unique URL into the box.
  • Click Subscribe.

Add to Google Podcasts (on Android)

  • In the bottom menu, click Activity.
  • In the top menu, scroll to Subscriptions.
  • Click the three little dots to the top right.
  • Click Add by RSS feed.
  • Paste your unique URL into the box.
  • Click Subscribe.

Add to Pocket Casts

  • Click Discover in the bottom menu.
  • Paste your unique URL into the Search box at the top of the screen.
  • Click your podcast artwork.
  • Click Subscribe.

Add to Castbox

  • Click Discover in the bottom menu.
  • Paste your unique URL into the Search box at the top of the screen.
  • Click your podcast artwork.
  • Click Subscribe.

Add to Overcast

  • Click the “+” icon in the top menu.
  • Click Add URL.
  • Paste your unique URL into the box.
  • Click Done.

Add to Podcast Addict

  • Click the “+” icon in the top menu.
  • Click the Search icon in the top menu.
  • Paste your unique URL into the search box.
  • Click Search.
  • Check the Private feed box.
  • Click Add.


What if I accidentally unsubscribed from the email list?

No problem! If you want to rejoin the email list, you can do so at this link. Make sure you re-subscribe with the same email you previously used, and it will restore your access privileges as before (full summaries by email if Silver or Gold Spoon membership).

What if I want to unsubscribe from JournalFeed emails?

You can unsubscribe at any time. But remember, getting the posts sent to you by email is one of the perks of membership. Just open any JournalFeed email, scroll to the bottom, and click “unsubscribe from this list” and you will immediately be removed from the email list. If you want to rejoin the email list, we can’t re-subscribe you manually, but you can do so at this link. As long as you re-subscribe with the same email you used previously, you will rejoin with the same access privileges as before (full posts by email if Silver or Gold Spoon). Don’t unsubscribe unless that’s what you really want to do. You can update your email preferences as an alternative to unsubscribing. Important: This does not unsubscribe you from system-generated emails from JournalFeed.org about your account, such as card expiration, payment receipt, or subscription changes.

What if I only want one email a week on Saturday?

No problem! But remember, part of what makes it easy to learn is by getting one little nugget a day. This is also one of the perks of the Silver or Gold Spoon membership. You can change your email preferences any time (Figures 1 and 2 below). Important: The once-weekly email only shows the excerpts (Figure 3).

Figure 1: Open any JournalFeed email and scroll to the bottom. Click “update your preferences“.

Figure 2: That will open this “Update your preferences” form. To get only one email a week, just select that option on the form.

Figure 3: Weekend emails would be too long if we sent five full-text summaries. They have 5 excerpts with links.


Does JournalFeed offer CME?

Yes, we do!  Please see our CME page to learn more.


How do I get the LLSA Quick Study Guides?

Gold Spoon subscribers get access to select LLSA Quick Study Guides. Here is the full 2014 LLSA Quick Study Guide if you’d like to see a sample. There are four years available. The guides are written like JournalFeed – brief, entertaining, actually fun to read, and packed with practical pearls you can use in practice. And they are focused on guiding you to the right answers. We don’t think you can find LLSA test study materials that will help you learn more or pass the tests faster than what you’ll find with JournalFeed. ABEM is phasing out the LLSA exams in favor of MyEMCert. Any certification scenario only requires 4 LLSA tests at this point, which is why we offer four.

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