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JournalFeed Landmark Articles

A few years ago, JournalFeed teamed up with Academic Life in EM to do Spoon-Feed summaries of the articles listed in their 52 in 52 landmark articles in Emergency Medicine. In addition, more landmark articles kept being added over the years. JournalFeed has covered them all, but we needed a place to put these all together.

The Book

  • That led us to compile this book, a living, breathing document that grows and changes over time as we learn more and new articles are added.
  • What you’ll find is a compilation of our classic JournalFeed summaries in one PDF eBook, complete with active hyperlinks to original source material and additional resources.
  • This is decades of knowledge and research curated, distilled, and compiled in one easy reference.
  • There is nothing else like it.
  • With great excitement, it is our privilege to present this book to our members!
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