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Crafting Convenience: The JournalFeed Approach

You’re smart! That’s how you got here in the first place. But medicine moves fast, which feels overwhelming at times.

Enter JournalFeed!

We’re here to help you stay smart!

Our goal is to keep you up-to-date on all things emergency medicine, without feeling like you’re drowning in the details. That’s why our process revolves around three pillars:

Search, Summarize, and Send.



We handpick the best EM articles utilizing a PubMed search technique. Casting a wide net over 34 medical journals, we reel in the most relevant bits from clinical trials, diagnostics, observational studies, prediction rules, reviews, and more. The end goal? Filter out less important articles so you can focus on what matters—your patients!



Once the articles are selected, we then ask the important questions. How does the study fit into the broader context of EM? Why does it matter? Each summary starts with with the key takeaway of the article, aka the “Spoon Feed.” We unpack the key results in easy-to-understand language. Most importantly, our practicing physician authors explain how the article will change their practice.



You can expect our bite-sized (and entertaining!) summaries to show up in your inbox every single morning. And if you prefer to listen to an audio version of the Spoon Feed, we also have a podcast that covers our weekly articles so you can learn on the go. With JournalFeed, keeping up with your medical education has never been easier.

JournalFeed’s Journey: From Inception to Now

During Clay’s residency, amidst the chaos of pre-80-hour work weeks, he craved a quick way to keep up with current literature. After joining Vanderbilt’s faculty, a spur-of-the-moment lecture covering the key trauma articles from that year sparked interest among the residents. One resident’s inquiry about getting more lectures like this inspired Clay to build, Keeping Up—a website, blog, podcast, and the companion Upshot app. Ironically, he couldn’t ‘keep up’ with this much writing and recording, and this folded.

Exploring other niches like research didn’t fit. Clay missed the creative website management and momentum of Keeping Up. One day while jogging, he dreamed up a new idea – EM Topics, initially focusing on landmark articles and evolving into summarizing current articles. To make it more digestible, he began sending daily article summaries via email, birthing the concept of spoon-feeding Emergency Medicine.  He changed the name to JournalFeed – a sort of cheeky (cheesy?) take on spoon-feeding and an RSS feed.

He rebranded to JournalFeed in July 2017. Today, JournalFeed is a growing community of busy emergency care providers who care about their patients and want to do everything we can to stay smart for them.

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