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Joining the JournalFeed community with a group subscription is a breeze. Just select your group size, fill out the form, and we’ll reply by email with a customized link to get your group instant access.

You unlock discounts based on your group size:

  • 5-10 people (10% off)
  • 11-25 people (15% off)
  • 26-50 people (20% off)
  • 51-100 people (25% off)
  • 101-200 people (30% off)
  • Enterprise (>200) people: Let’s talk!

Use our calculator & contact form below to get started!

By the way, for residency programs with a mix of residents, faculty (PDs, APDs), or other specific needs, reach out for customized rates tailored to your requirements.

More Details on Group Subscriptions

From you + 4 friends to extensive medical practices, JournalFeed has you covered!

A group subscription provides a cost-effective way to equip your team with trusted medical education. With this subscription, your team will receive:

  • Handpicked articles
  • Full blog access
  • Full posts by email
  • Full podcast – 5 articles/week
  • Gold Spoon subscribers get CME
  • Gold Spoon subscribers get Amal Mattu and friends JournalFeed Top Picks videos
  • Landmark articles eBook

Each group subscription is customized to you and the number of people on your team. No matter large or small, all groups receive personalized attention. Our team will walk you through each step to make sure everything is set up properly.

Use our calculator & contact form to get started!

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