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MDCalc Tools for Telehealth

April 13, 2020

Written by Clay Smith

MDCalc Tools for Telehealth

Use of Telehealth is increasing dramatically. After scanning all the resources and calculators on MDCalc, here are the clinical decision tools that may be applied to Telehealth. If there is no calculator on MDCalc, other reliable resources are linked.


  1. All clinical decision tools require a thinking clinician with good clinical judgment.

  2. Most tools were not originally designed for Telehealth. Please read the “When to Use/Pearls and Pitfalls/Why Use” sections.

  3. Some tools cannot utilize all components with Telehealth (i.e. labs, SpO2, auscultation…). However, observable components may prove useful and may help you ask the right questions.

  4. JournalFeed is not responsible for how you use or apply any of the resources on this site, including this. See disclaimer.

How to Use This Page

  1. Try it out first. Click and try the clinical decision tools, considering how you might apply them to Telehealth. Do this well ahead of any Telehealth visit.

  2. Know the limits. Deeply understand the limitations of each decision tool, especially when you can’t physically touch the patient.

  3. Quick reference – Bookmark this page to quickly find these tools.

General Tools

Conditions | Tools

Below is a list of conditions that may be amenable to Telehealth evaluation. Use caution and exercise sound clinical judgment in seeing any patient via telemedicine, and refer for in-person evaluation when needed.

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