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Weekend Brain #FOAMed

June 23, 2018

Brain FOAM

This week we covered:

  • Two articles on stroke,
  • A sober-up tent at the PGA as a way to decreased ED transfers,
  • Abysmal concussion follow up, and
  • A way to reduce errors by just by presenting cases to a peer in the ED.

Did you notice the theme?  Not that this was intentional, but all had to do with the brain: ischemia, intoxication, trauma, or making your brain work better.

Speaking of the brain, if you want to go deeper on stroke, I suggest this in-depth review by emDocs or a shorter version that Thomas Davis did on JF.  Also emDocs has an outstanding post on concussion.  From the sideline to the ED to return-to-play, this brief but comprehensive post is stuff we need to know.

Have a great weekend.  Thanks for being a part of JF.

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