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0-2h Troponins in the USA | ED Phenobarbital

The JournalFeed podcast for the week of Dec 11-15, 2023.

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Tuesday Spoon Feed:

This secondary analysis of the STOP CP cohort study found that, in isolation, using a 0/2 hour hs-cTnT rule-out protocol did not achieve a NPV ≥ 99% for 30-day cardiac death or MI (CDMI). When combined with a low risk History, ECG, Age, and Risk factor (HEAR) score, it did – but at the cost of significantly decreased efficacy (ruling out only 30.7% of patients).

Thursday Spoon Feed:

This systematic review and meta-analysis did not show significant improvement in measured patient outcomes for treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome with phenobarbital vs benzodiazepines.

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