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Chest Tube Cutoffs | Pediatric Intubations | Pre-intubation Atropine | hs-Troponin algorithms | WCT gone wrong

The JournalFeed podcast for the week of March 14-18, 2022.

Chest Tube Cutoffs Spoon Feed:

Implementation of a guideline for chest tube placement with pneumothorax size cutoff of ≤35 mm in stable patients increased rates of observation for pneumothorax, with no apparent increase in rates of complication or observation failure.

Pediatric Intubations Spoon Feed:

There was no difference in first pass success rate or hypoxemic events when children were intubated with videolaryngoscopy (VL) versus direct laryngoscopy (DL). Intubations in children that took longer than 45 seconds had a greater incidence of hypoxemia, and overall, there was very low utilization of apneic oxygenation during laryngoscopy.

Pre-intubation Atropine Spoon Feed:

Atropine pretreatment was not associated with a reduction in the incidence of bradycardia in this tiny, single center study of pediatric intubations.

hs-Troponin algorithms Spoon Feed:

Accelerated diagnostic protocols using delta high-sensitivity cardiac troponin (hs-cTn) assays had high diagnostic accuracy.

WCT gone wrong Spoon Feed:

When treating this wide complex tachycardia (WCT) with synchronized cardioversion, the machine interpreted the T wave as the R wave. Nothing good comes of that!

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