Neonate Comin’ in Hot?

Been a minute since you did NRP?

Watch Neonatal Resuscitation in 5 minutes!

Got a maternal trauma or precipitous delivery on the way? This neonatal resuscitation refresher video is for you! While this doesn’t substitute for an AHA NRP course, this 5-minute overview can help you save lives. Not shown in this video – wear PPE in a real resuscitation! Also, it’s shown but not stated – flush epinephrine doses with 3mL saline. For heart rate (HR), count beats for 6 seconds and multiply by 10.

Here is a summary of neonatal resuscitation

  • Term, tone, crying? Yes – clamp & cut cord at 30-60 seconds, baby stays with mom
  • Not term/poor tone/poor respiratory effort? Warm, dry, suction, stimulate
  • Apnea/HR <100? Positive pressure ventilation (PPV) – Bag the baby! HR = count beats 6 seconds x 10.
  • HR still <100? Optimize PPV – MR SOPA
    • Mask reposition, Reposition airway…give 5 breaths
    • Suction mouth then nares, Open mouth…give 5 breaths
    • Pressure increase to move the chest…give 5 breaths, definitive Airway (LMA/ETT)
  • HR <60? ETT/LMA, chest compressions (CC) 3CC:1PPV, optimize ventilation, consider umbilical venous catheter (UVC – see video below)
  • HR still <60? Give epinephrine 0.02mg/kg via UVC/IV/IO, consider NS 10mL/kg or PRBCs 10mL/kg over 5-10 min, consider tension PTX

Special thanks to Mary Lemley, Meghan Arms, Katie Judd, and the Neonatal Outreach Education and Training team, Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, for helping with this video.


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