March 2019

Ottawa Rule for SAH

The application of the Ottawa SAH rule in this relatively small sample of patients had a 100% sensitivity for identifying SAH in the ED but a lower 95% confidence interval of 78.2. The 100% negative predictive value, with a promising 95% CI of 98.6-100%, may have been driven by the lower prevalence of SAH in this study population compared to a previous validation study.

Enhancing Sgarbossa Criteria for STEMI

The original Sgarbossa criteria have a high specificity (96%) but low sensitivity (36%), meaning it is useful when positive, but a negative result does not rule out MI. The modified Sgarbossa criteria by Smith et al., have a much better sensitivity (91%) with a slight decrease in specificity (90%). You should apply the modified Sgarbossa criteria to evaluate for MI in LBBB and paced rhythms.

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