August 2021

Emergency Department Survival After OHCA

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In patients who suffer non-traumatic out-of-hospital-cardiac arrest (OHCA) and are transferred to the ED, there is a wide range of survivability. Those taken to centers with 24/7 interventional cardiology and a higher number of OHCAs per year had a greater chance of ED survival.

How High-Risk is a High-Risk BRUE?

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Presence of AAP high-risk BRUE criteria do not accurately predict the presence of a serious underlying diagnosis. Abnormal medical history, history of similar event, event duration >1 minute, and altered responsiveness increased the odds of a serious underlying diagnosis.

Cerebral Venous Thrombosis – Spoon Feed Version

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Cerebral venous thromboses can occur in the dural (superior sagittal sinus & transverse sinuses) and cortical (surface of cortex) venous systems. Thrombi most commonly originate in the dural sinus. Depending on the location of the occlusion, clinical presentations will vary. CT or MRI with contrast-enhanced venography is the preferred method of diagnosis.

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