May 2018

Influenza Kills – A Sobering Reminder

Influenza killed 675 children from the 2010-11 flu season to the 2015-16 season.  Infants under 6 months had the highest incidence of mortality.  Encourage everyone to get vaccinated.  Antiviral treatment is encouraged in all children under 2, all patients with severe illness, and all hospitalized patients regardless of whether or not the duration of illness exceeds 48 hours.

ECG Predictors of Arrhythmia in Syncope

In the evaluation of older patients with syncope, certain ECG abnormalities increase the risk of 30-day serious cardiac arrhythmias. These ECG abnormalities include non-sinus rhythm; multiple premature ventricular conductions; short PR interval; first degree atrioventricular block; complete left bundle branch block; and ST, T, and Q-wave abnormalities consistent with acute or chronic ischemia.

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