Dexamethasone equals prednisolone in pediatric asthma

Short Attention Span Summary Single dose dexamethasone 0.3mg/kg, up to 12mg, was not inferior to multiple dose prednisolone in pediatric asthma exacerbation.  Fewer dex kids vomited, and more dex kids had additional steroids prescribed.  I covered this article last year. FOAM Report Emergency Medicine Cases First10EM PEM Playbook emeddoc Abstract Ann Emerg Med. 2016 May;67(5):593-601.e3. doi: …

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ALTE changes to BRUE

Short Attention Span Summary Apparent Life Threatening Event (ALTE) has undergone a name change and redefinition.  The new name for this is BRUE – Brief Resolved Unexplained Events.  A BRUE consists of: “sudden, brief, and now resolved episode of ≥1 of the following: (1) cyanosis or pallor; (2) absent, decreased, or irregular breathing; (3) marked …

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